Rescue Divers

All too often, it’s an accident, illness or disaster that demonstrates how important it is to be prepared for medical emergencies.

In fact, emergencies strike with little warning, and you’re either prepared . . . or not. Everyone should appraise their ability to respond to emergencies:

  • Are you ready to respond to a medical emergency confidently and correctly?
  • Have you received CPR, First Aid and AED training?
  • Is your certification up-to-date with the latest recommendations in CPR, First Aid and AED use?

Rescue Divers training courses can make sure you can answer these questions affirmatively, “YES”!

Rescue Divers is dedicated to providing complete, OSHA- compliant, & cost-effective CPR, First Aid & AED Training Programs to interested individuals and businesses.

We offer internationally recognized courses from Emergency First Response and Divers Alert Network.

Our courses meet OSHA Guidelines 29 CFR 1910.151 compliance standards for workplace safety at the local, regional and national levels and the AHA (American Heart Association).


CPR, First Aid & AED Classes Currently Offered